Senior Etiquette Trainer & Consultant

The Etiquette School Singapore

A leader with good foresight, Ayuri is focused and goal-oriented. She is highly spontaneous and proactive and never runs out of creative ideas for the programmes and workshops she conducts. Her ability to think on her feet has allowed her to respond swiftly and innovatively to unexpected situations.

In her past vocations as Vice President in Keep Hope Alive Volunteer Club, Stage Production Manager for Twinkle Kids Theatre Performance and Assistant Director for Short Film Productions with ITE Bukit Batok, Ayuri was always highly regarded and respected. In addition, her positive exposure in the industry saw her being featured on Channel U and in the Friday Weekly Paper for having founded the Keep Hope Alive Volunteer Club.

Besides training adults, Ayuri is also a veteran in conducting life skills programmes for both adults and the young including over 30 primary, secondary and tertiary institutions in Singapore. Her participants often find her delivery unique and refreshing as she is a personable and compelling motivator.

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