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Is That Your Bread Plate Or Mine?

Is that your Bread Plate or Mine?, is a zesty and informational western dining etiquette book. This amusingly-illustrated book walks you through the very beginning of a formal invitation, the actual meal or event itself and what you need to do after. Also included in this handy guide are an interesting array of alcohol selection & food pairing tips as well as what to do if you are dining at a buffet or with that very special someone! A must-have for all diners!

Amount : $18.90

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Oops! Where Are My Manners?

Oops! Where are my Manners?, is a fun and attention-grabbing book written especially for children aged six to 18 years old. It is a colourful and beautifully-illustrated book that teaches everything a child needs to know about manners, self-esteem, hygiene, kindness, honesty, respect, caring for others and our country and a whole lot more! Likened to an Encyclopedia on manners, this is truly a must-have for every child’s book. collection.

Amount : $48.90 (Currently out of Stock)

Etiquette Place Mat

With so many families eating on the run these days, it is no wonder that our children have no working knowledge of how to set a table. This is a lesson that should be taught as you never know when your child may be called upon to set the table – maybe at next year’s Christmas party at a friend’s home or years from now when he/she has his/her own apartment and wants to entertain friends.

This handy customisable (for an additional fee of S$4.00, you can have your child’s name on the placemat!) A3-sized, laminated double-sided Etiquette Place Mat can be used to teach your child the proper way of setting both a Casual and Formal table.

Amount : $12 (Currently out of Stock)

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