Introducing snippets of our overjoyed customers…

“I highly recommend The Etiquette School Singapore – their classes were well worth it. The 5-day series of workshops were able to instill in our colleagues the skills that are necessary in this line of work. Staff seemed to thoroughly enjoy the training. The workshops have given our colleagues first hand knowledge on how to treat each other and how to act at formal and semi-formal gatherings. It is a great program that all our colleagues loved! The classes were fun and everyone loved the creative and interactive styles of all the facilitators. They did not even realize they were learning! They learned things that I know they will use in the future and that will benefit them greatly.”

Ms Joy Monsale

A. Learning & Development Manager

JUMEIRAH Dhevanafushi, Maldives


“Yvonne is engaging, organised and knowledgeable! Her training equipped participants with practical business etiquette and interviewing skills that are needed in the current job market. She exhibited high levels of commitment and patience throughout the training. I would like to express my sincere thanks to Yvonne for her invaluable sharing!”

Ms Regina Cho

Senior Career Services Executive

Ascott Centre for Excellence, Singapore


“…Most participants found the workshop really useful, and some participants had all praises for some of the instructors. So once again, thank you for the wonderful lessons and instructors…”

Ms Bay Wee Wen

Head of English Department

NUS High School of Mathematics & Science, Singapore


“…’fun’, ‘interesting’, ‘enriching’, ‘meaningful’, ‘thought-provoking’, ‘engaging’, ‘better than expected’ and ‘useful for the future’…”

~ Participants of NUS High School of Mathematics & Science who underwent our Social Etiquette & Communication Skills workshops


“‘A good & effective workshop,’ ‘excellent, learned new things,’ ‘learned how to react in a business environment,’ ‘very good’, ‘excellent!’ ‘the best part? – the practical meal session! The hands-on experience was great!”

~ Participants who attended our Business & Western Dining Etiquette workshop


“‘Enjoyed, had fun & still smiling. This will last!’, ‘A great & efficient workshop. Instructor is knowledgeable & very friendly. Excellent and well done, Miss Yvonne!’, ‘Awesome! Love it!’”

~ Participants who attended our I Believe I Can!™, motivational workshop


“‘One of the best workshops I’ve attended!’ ‘A great and interesting experience!’ ‘Excellent!’ ‘I had a wonderful experience during this workshop!’ ‘A lovely class. The trainer, Ms Yvonne is obviously experienced and she made everyone participate.’”

~ Participants from Singapore Island Country Club who attended our Service Excellence & Grooming Etiquette workshop


“‘Interesting & interactive’, ‘Enriching!’, ‘Great course, great instructors!’, ‘Fantastic! A good eye-opening session…’”

~ Participants from the Ministry of Home Affairs who attended our Western Dining Etiquette workshop


“‘Fantastic!’, ‘Very helpful in my career…wonderful and useful tips’, ‘An enlightening workshop!’, ‘Really enjoyed myself…learned a lot’, ‘Fun and interesting…’, ‘Excellent! Very interactive…”

~ Participants from St Regis Singapore who attended our Style & Professional Grooming Etiquette workshop


“‘Enjoyable & interactive!’, ‘Awesome! Learned a lot of useful experiences,’ ‘Brilliant! Definitely enjoyed every moment!’, ‘Well-organised & very engaging – kept me interested’, ‘Very well done – first workshop that I really enjoyed in a long time!’, ‘Very informative & interactive – not what I expected’, ‘Has encouraged me to believe in myself’, ‘Overall, a very vibrant atmosphere…!’”

~ Participants from NAFA who attended a series of Career Preparation workshops


“The most excellent workshop I’ve ever been to in my life that is great for my future!”, “I learned so many things which I did not know about!”, “Fantastic and the trainer was knowledgeable!”, “A wonderful course…”, “It was awesome!”, “Understood the true meaning about etiquette.”, “…the finest way of learning…”, “I loved it!”, “A really good experience…it was so fun…”, “First class training, which I truly enjoyed…”, “…the trainer was perfect!”, “It was great and I can’t wait to attend more of the sessions lined up!”, “…very informative…”, “It was so fun and interesting!”, “A wonderful workshop conducted by The Etiquette School…I am already feeling the effects…more confident and competent…thank you very much.”, “…activities planned helped to understand the topic better…very useful.”, “Excellent!”, “…very engaging…”, “Trainer was awesome and totally in control”, “…beyond my expectations…the trainer speaks very well…”, “…the best!”, “It was so good, informative and entertaining…”, “A very fun and interactive workshop…”, “…wonderful and useful skills to have in the hospitality industry…”

~ Participants from JUMEIRAH Maldives who attended a series of Hospitality, Communication, Grooming & Etiquette workshops


“’Great workshop!’, ‘…surprisingly delighted by what I had learnt…’, ‘Excellent!’, ‘An enjoyable and encouraging workshop… ’, ‘Professional, educational and an excellent learning experience…’, ‘I had so much fun…’, ‘Learned new things that I can apply at work. The instructor gave her best to encourage me to deliver better service in future’, ‘Information shared was astonishingly useful for call centre personnel’, ‘It was great…very good instructor…’”

~ Participants from Changi Airport (FMC) who attended our Professional Telephone Techniques workshop

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