The Gracious Guest
If you have the notion that only the host has responsibilities at an event, think again. As guests, we have responsibilities too, which we must manage lest we are prepared never to be invited again.


Here are some DOS and DON’TS if you are a Guest at someone’s home:

  • Do not visit someone else’s home unless they are expecting you to. Uninvited guests are usually not welcome.
  • Do not overstay your invitation. If you have been invited for a dinner party at 7pm, you should probably offer to leave as soon as coffee or tea is served or by 10pm, whichever is sooner. Unless of course the host insists that you stay on for a little longer.
  • Do not expect your host to be doing all the work. This is not a restaurant and your host is not your waiter. It is good manners to offer to help.
  • Do not plan to stay overnight without checking with the host and your parents. If you are staying over, do not inconvenience the Host. Be prepared to clean up after yourself; make up your bed, tidy the room and leave the bathroom clean.
  • Do not bring uninvited guests to someone else’s home. If you intend to bring your little sister or best friend along, you need to inform the host in advance.
  • If you have borrowed the host’s stuff, make sure you ask permission first and you put them back where you found them or personally return them to the host with a polite, “Thank you.”
  • If you are being invited for a special occasion like a Housewarming party, it is good manners to bring a gift (chocolates, flowers, a bottle of champagne or wine et cetera)
  • At the end of the stay or meal, do not forget to smile and say, “Thank you for a wonderful time/meal.”

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