Jan Sykes


Image, Wellness & Communications Trainer & Consultant

The Etiquette School Singapore


Jan Sykes has held several executive and consultative management positions with global and regional logistics companies in Africa and Asia.

She is a natural facilitator and coach, willing to share knowledge freely. Her broad training and coaching experience has seen her co-developing and delivering training courses in a variety of business, image and wellness subjects. Image management and etiquette forms part of her background and aside from being a former model, she was accountable for the corporate public image of a blue chip corporation in South Africa for some 10 years, the personal image of senior directors, managed inter-country trade relations and facilitation at government and commercial levels, organized events, sponsorship, conferences and private, high-level meetings.

She now practices as a Life Coach, Holistic Nutritionist and Yoga Instructor following an intensive period of study of cognitive and physical wellness. In respect of Singapore, the country itself has a unique and highly thought of image in global terms.  Jan believes there is enormous opportunity to enable more Singaporeans in behavioral, writing, conversational, etiquette, confidence, selling and personal image skills, and would love to participate in facilitating this education.

Jan has lived in Canada, England, Zimbabwe and South Africa. She is well travelled having worked in countries such as Hungary, Mauritius, Moçambique, China, Russia and Australia, and explored several countries in Europe, Africa and Asia from a leisure perspective. She has lived in Singapore for 14 years and is fully au fait with local business and social behaviors. She has respect for cultural differences and is comfortable interacting with people at all levels.

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