If you are an entrepreneur or an aspiring one, franchising is your answer to a practical business opportunity. Of course there are risks involved in all investment ventures but such risks are greatly minimized when starting a franchise. As opposed to starting a business from scratch, a franchise offers the backing, experience and expertise from the franchisor, who would have gone through the grueling process of a building and marketing a business start-up. Franchising hence provides investors with a proven brand name and business model to work with. In fact, the only risk franchisees should be concerned about is the volatile nature of the consumer market.

The Etiquette School Singapore offers franchising opportunities to potential business owners globally. However, to maintain integrity and standardization of our brand name and beliefs, only selected parties who have been rigorously interviewed and who meet our internal set of criteria may be awarded with this elite opportunity.


Why should you invest in our Franchise?

  • You can become your own Boss in a shorter period of time
  • You need not go through the hassle of building your brand name from scratch as this is a turnkey business opportunity
  • You can own a well-recognised brand that has a proven track record
  • You will be equipped with the savoir faire of The Etiquette School Singapore’s established training systems, processes and protocols
  • You will receive our training curriculum, which may be immediately executed
  • The Etiquette School Singapore and our other franchisees across the globe will contribute to marketing our brand name

Investment & Details

  • Please let us know your needs and we will schedule a meeting/tele-conference with you and our Franchise Management Team


Our International Franchises

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