Professional Image, Style & Grooming for Gentlemen

 Professional Image, Style & Grooming for Gentlemen

Did you know that it takes less than 10 seconds of meeting someone, to form an opinion about that person? Statistics reveal that 55% of our first impression is based on the way we look, 38% on the way we present ourselves and only 7% is based on what we have to say. Appearance and social behaviour therefore are important and powerful forms of communication, which is why taking care of ourselves including how we look and behave, is crucial in surviving today’s society. This is a practical workshop where participants will have loads of fun, while learning invaluable information and skills.

Objectives & Methodology

This program consists of lectures and practical sessions, which will equip participants with the much needed style & grooming skills required in the societal and professional arena. Participants will be taught proper grooming etiquette and appropriate dressing, accessories and colour coordination for various occasions as well as basic skin & hair care skills.

Course Outline

  • The Suave Gentleman
  • Poise, Deportment & Gestures for Men
  • Standing, Sitting and Walking Professionally
  • Posture & Breathing Exercises
  • Hygiene, Presence & Style
  • Harmony in Colours
  • Guidelines on Ties, Belts & Shoes
  • Beware of Image Destroyers
  • Grooming Dos & Don’ts
  • Dressing for Success
  • The Ideal Pants Length
  • Guidelines to Skin & Hair Care


  • 2 hours

Date of Workshop

  • To be confirmed

Time of Workshop

  • To be confirmed


  • $295 nett per participant


  • Available upon request


  • To be confirmed

Dress Code

  • Friday Office wear

Who Should Attend

  • Business Executives
  • Sales & Marketing Executives
  • Career Seekers
  • Graduates & Scholars

Other Details

  • Investment includes one tea break
  • A minimum of 16 participants is required before a class may commence
  • Bulk discounts available for organisations so please inquire within

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