Saying it with Conviction & Finesse™

Saying it with Conviction & Finesse™

Communication plays a very important role in life and business and is an essential part of human interaction. The benefits of effective and engaging communication are many as they enhance all aspects of our personal and professional lives while the lack of it can have an equally lasting negative impact. It is however not always easy to start a conversation with someone you have just met. Many of us are either reluctant or find it difficult to start the ball rolling. This workshop will not only give participants the confidence to start and continue polite conversations with others but will also provide them with useful tips on interesting and taboo conversational starters.

Objectives & Methodology

This program consists of interactive lectures, practical sessions and role plays, which will equip participants with the confidence to hold a successful conversation with a colleague or someonethey have just met. Participants will also go through a Self-Evaluation Assessment to determinetheir personal communication and listening styles.

Course Outline

  • Essence of Communication
  • Appropriate Salutations
  • Proper Introductions & Greetings
  • Interpersonal Communication & Listening Skills
  • Conversational Starters
  • Communicating in Different Settings
  • Body Language & Non-Verbal Communication
  • Engaging in Small Talk
  • Polite Conversational Skills
  • Tips to Keep a Conversation Going
  • Proper & Taboo Conversational Topics
  • Words that Promote Conversation


  • 2 hours

Date of Workshop

  • To be confirmed

Time of Workshop

  •  To be confirmed


  • $245 nett per participant


  • Available upon request


  • To be confirmed

Dress Code

  • Business Casual Wear

Who Should Attend

  • Sales & Marketing Executives
  • Business Development Executives
  • Career Seekers
  • Graduates & Scholars

Other Details

  • Investment includes one tea break
  • A minimum of 16 participants is required before a class may commence
  • Bulk discounts available for organizations so please inquire within

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