Social Decorum & Western Dining Etiquette


Social Decorum & Western Dining Etiquette 

There is nothing more embarrassing for a young man or woman than to be shoved into a new situation that requires etiquette and decorum and not having a clue as to what to do or how to behave. In today’s competitive business arena, it takes more than a Diploma, Degree or an updated wardrobe to sail through life. A study by Harvard University,the Carnegie Foundation, and the Stanford Research Institute revealed that 15% of technical skills and 85% of ‘people skills’ (Social, Business, Grooming and Dining Etiquette) is needed to be successful in one’s career and personal life. As businesses become socially-oriented, companies look increasingly to those who possess class, style and the confidence to represent their organization publicly.

Objectives & Methodology

Our courses are customized and planned such that these social issues are addressed in a fun, creative, interactive and memorable manner using videos, quizzes, games and more. Our young participants will experience a noticeable change in behaviour, pay closer attention in class and be admirable ambassadors for your school. They will ultimately go on to achieve greater success in their careers and lives.

Course Outline

  • Meetings and Greetings
  • Handshakes
  • Proper Grooming and Posture
  • Manners of a Guest & a Host
  • Who pays for the bill?
  • When is it proper to begin a meal?
  • Napkin Etiquette
  • Bread & Soup Etiquette
  • The value of good conversation over a good meal
  • When and how to excuse yourself from the table
  • The importance of showing courtesy to the restaurant staff
  • The proper placement of plates, utensils & glassware
  • American Vs Continental Style Dining
  • How to handle mishaps that occur at the dining table


  • 2 hours

Date of Workshop

  • To be confirmed

Time of Workshop

  • To be confirmed


  • $75 nett per child (excluding meal)
  • $95 nett per child (including a light meal for hands-on practice)


  • Available upon request


  • To be confirmed

Dress Code

  • Comfortable smart wear

Who Should Attend

  • Children aged between 6 and 16 years old

Other Details

  • Minimum 35 students in one class
  • Bulk discounts are available for schools so please inquire within

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