Table Manners for Kids


Table Manners for Kids

Sadly, in today’s society children tend to spend more time surfing the Internet than they do practicing polite interaction with others. They are also more likely to wolf down burgers and fries in front of the television than to dine properly at a set table. This workshop thus aims to nurture and teach our young proper and essential western dining etiquette and table manners for both home and when dining out.

Objectives & Methodology

Our courses for children are customized and planned such that the rules on table manners are addressed in a fun, creative, interactive and memorable manner using videos, quizzes, games and more. Children will also have hands-on practice using a fork, spoon and knife. A meal could also be included at an additional fee if desired by school.

Course Outline

  • Proper etiquette for being seated at the dining table
  • When is it proper to begin a meal?
  • How to use the napkin properly
  • How to eat soup the proper way
  • The importance of good posture at the table
  • Proper conversation at the dining table
  • When and how to excuse yourself from the table
  • The importance of showing courtesy to the restaurant staff
  • How to handle mishaps that occur at the dining table
  • Buffet etiquette dos & don’ts
  • The proper placement of plates, utensils & glassware
  • The difference between resting and finished eating positions


  • 2 hours

Date of Workshop

  • To be confirmed

Time of Workshop

  • To be confirmed


  • $75 nett per child (excluding meal)
  • $145 nett per child (including a 3-course western set meal for hands-on practice)


  • Available upon request


  • To be confirmed

Dress Code

  • Comfortable Smart Wear

Who Should Attend

  • Children aged between 6 and 16 years old

Other Details

  • Bulk discounts are available for schools so please inquire within

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