Professional Retail & Sales Etiquette

Professional Retail & Sales Etiquette

Customers these days have become accustomed to substandard customer service by sales associates that we have come to take this as the norm.  Staff hired as seasonal labour especially make shopping a chore. Every so often you are met with retail staff who are either clueless as to whatthey are promoting or overly pushy and in your face. Solid and professional customer service is hard to come by, making it obvious that these staff are lacking in the needed customer service skills sets. Proper and customized training in retail etiquette will not only give retail staff a competitive edge, but will also ensure that they are happy and motivated. This positive energy will in turn be passed on to the customers who will then feel valued and leave the store feeling elated and more than satisfied. When such strong bonds are created between customers and staff, long-term loyalty and trust will be fostered.

Objectives & Methodology

As an escalating number of business are competing for customer dollars,the importance of ensuring that retail staff are fully-equipped to think on their feet and extend excellent customer service becomes increasingly important as well. Staff who lack empathy or initiative do not add to the bottom line of such businesses. This role-play intensive workshop deals with the essential duties of retail staff as well as opportunities to go the extra mile for customers without eating in too much into the profits of the business. Participants will be given various tasks and required to come up with solutions and ideas to meet, if not exceed customers’ needs. In addition, participants will have the prospect to conduct some ‘mystery shopping’ during the course of the program!

Course Outline

  • Positive First Impressions
  • Proper Hygiene & Work Attire
  • Personal Grooming for Gentlemen
  • Personal Grooming for Ladies
  • Extending Welcomes & Farewells
  • Importance of Professional Body Language
  • Product Knowledge & Accuracy 
  • Intercultural Communication & Gestures
  • Use of Civil Language & Verbiages
  • Guidelines to Hair & Skin Care
  • The Expense of Losing a Customer
  • Importance of Telephone Etiquette
  • How to Say “No” Politely
  • How to Think On Your Feet
  • Handling Difficult Customers Diplomatically
  • Importance of Service Recovery
  • The Focus on Sales & KPIs


  • 14 hours

Date of Workshop

  • To be confirmed

Time of Workshop

  • To be confirmed


  • $895 nett per participant


  • Available upon request


  • To be confirmed

Dress Code

  • Business Casual Wear

Who Should Attend

  • All retail staff and supervisors in all industries including but not limited to departmental stores, supermarkets, pharmaceuticals etc.

Other Details

  • Investment includes two tea breaks and one lunch per day
  • A minimum of 16 participants is required before a class may commence
  • Additional fees apply for booking of transportation if required
  • Bulk discounts available for organizations so please inquire within

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