Single with Manners™


Single with Manners ™

Planning on going on a date or making small talk with that special someone but have not a clue where to start or what to expect? Etiquette skills are a must-have when meeting new people. Your decorum and manners can either leave a lasting impression or turn people off in a whim. Single with Manners™ will help you recognisethe importance of good manners and social decorum. Through this program, you will learn how to increase your self-esteem allowing you to leave a positive impact anytime, anywhere.

Objectives & Methodology

This engaging and fun 3-hour workshop especially designed for singles includes a hands-on practical Western Dining Etiquette component as many first dates include a meal of some sort. A personality test will also be conducted, so be prepared to find out a little more about your true self! This is an excellent opportunity to mingle with the rest of the participants (also singles) and make new and lasting friendships along the way.

Course Outline

  • Introductions & Greetings
  • Proper Grooming & Posture
  • Building Your Self-Esteem
  • Lack of Confidence vs Over-Confidence
  • Conversational Skills
  • Empathetic Listening Skills
  • Dating Etiquette
  • Proper Table Manners
  • Who Pays on a First Date?
  • R.E.S.P.E.C.T
  • Widening Social Circles
  • Laughter; the Best Medicine
  • Sincerity is Key
  • Personality Tests


  • 3 hours

Date of Workshop

  • To be confirmed

Time of Workshop

  • To be confirmed


  • $295 nett per participant


  • None


  • To be confirmed

Dress Code

  • Smart Casual Wear

Who Should Attend

  • Singles interested in honing their social, etiquette and/or dating skills

Other Details

  • Investment includes one meal
  • This program is strictly for singles only
  • A minimum of 16 participants is required before a class may commence
  • Bulk discounts available for organizations or groups so please inquire within

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