Touchpoint Maps & Verbiages for Businesses


TouchPoint Maps & Verbiages

A TouchPoint or Customer Experience map is a useful visual tool to determine where your organization stands in terms of service and where it may potentially be if proper actions and verbiages are used. A TouchPoint map is one of the best methods to understand how customers interact with your organization and uncovers opportunities for areas and solutions to improve a customer’s experience at each touchpoint.  It also shows how a customer’s experience varies depending on where it isthey “touch” your business (for example, via your website, physical store or via the telephone). A Customer Experience map further provides a framework that allows your organization to work towards increased customer satisfaction and retention, loyalty, positive word-of-mouth and of course the bottom line. Many organizations are leveraging on such customer satisfaction initiatives to beat competition and improve their bottom line results…is yours doing the same?

There are several benefits of placing a strong emphasis on such customer experience initiatives including:

  • Areas for improvement not initially realised now become apparent
  • Gives insight into what your customers actually go through when interacting with your organization
  • Issues that may bring service to a standstill may be addressed and nipped at the butt
  • Staff and customers alike will appreciate the effort placed in the study and in turn offer useful, honest and constructive feedback through interviews and focus groups conducted
  • Determining where your organization/departments is at now in terms of service and where you see yourself in the near future

The Employee Experience Map

  • To ensure that the employee experience at each touchpoint of the recruitment and on-the-job process is positive and aligned with service goals of organization
  • To ensure a conducive environment that encourages service excellence via various platforms including but not limited to Job Advertisements/Recruitment/Selection Process/Orientation Program/Empowerment, Recognition Programs & Awards/Training etc
  • To promote morale and dedication of staff to meet organization’s service goals

Conducted through:

  • Interviews with top management to align vision and mission with service goals
  • Interviews with key personnel
  • Focus Groups with newly-employed and long-term staff

The Customer Experience Map

  • To ensure consistency in service standards across all departments/functions
  • To exceed customers’ expectations at each touchpoint
  • To stand out from competition

Conducted through:

  • Interviews with top management to align vision and mission with service goals
  • Interviews with key personnel
  • Focus Groups with frontline and backend staff
  • Focus Groups with customers

Investment & Details

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