Yvonne Anjelina


Director & Chief Etiquette Coach

The Etiquette School Singapore

Yvonne Anjelina started her career as a Training & Communications Manager, a Business & Corporate Development Manager and a Customer Service Manager in the call centre, education and recreational industries respectively before embarking on a full time career in teaching/training. As a Manager, her goals had been to inculcate and uphold a positive service culture, develop curriculum and meet if not exceed, bottom-line results. During her vocation as a Training & Communications Manager, three Call Centre Agents whom she had trained and groomed won the Gold award for the Best Customer Service Representative of the Year when they participated in the Contact Centre Association of Singapore Yearly Awards.

Having more than 10 years’ experience in training, Yvonne holds a degree in Communications and brings with her two years of overseas (Australia) work experience. She is a Certified Industry Trainer and has also attained the Advanced Certificate In Training & Assessment (ACTA) by WDA and scored a Distinction in Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) from the London Teacher Training College. Besides teaching the Employability Skills System – Workplace Literacy Programmes (ESS-WPL) and WDA’s Certified Service Professional course to working adults, she conducts corporate training in Softskills, Communication Skills, Social & Western Dining Etiquette and Team Building Programmes. She also works with training institutions to develop a diverse range of training curriculum (WSQ and otherwise).

An Associate Consultant of Etiquette Survival, USA, run by President, Ms Sue Fox, the author of the acclaimed books, Etiquette for Dummies & Business Etiquette for Dummies, Yvonne herself is also the author of the western dining etiquette guide, “Is that your bread plate or mine?” and “Oops! Where are my Manners?”, an A-Z book on manners for children.

Yvonne has a personable disposition and is able to interact with people from all walks of life. Her strengths lie in her ability to relate to, motivate and sustain the interest of her audience.

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